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; it is not like

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; it is not like
The sun shines through the golden maple leaves, leaving a mottled reflection on the ground, and the hopeful wheat field is gently swayed by the breeze. Autumn is a magical season. It makes the peasant��s uncle��s face full of joy and makes the broken bridge next to the ancient lanes more bleak. In the autumn of falling leaves, I don��t know how many literati and singers wrote the best sentences of the ages. In fact, when you read the meaning of it, you will find its wonders. When the maple leaves are on the ground, you try to step on it and listen to the sound of the rustling sand, you will feel that there is no autumn taste, like the birds in the spring scream. "Golden" is synonymous with autumn. In fact, when you look at a piece of golden, your heart is not consciously warm. A touch of slanting sun has dyed a blush for the horizon. At this time, is your body falling into the summer of the fire? People say that autumn is a sad season. How many people are separated at this time, and How many people still have regrets. In fact, it is only the concern between the mother and the child Cigarettes For Sale, the thoughts between the wife and the child. People often say that "the autumn of many things" is that the farmers are busy harvesting, the students are busy with the exams, the adults are busy with work, and the old people are busy thinking. Sometimes the pace is fast, but I will forget the initial heart. It is better to stop and think hard. Everything that I am busy with is what is the wind of autumn. It is cool. Sometimes a gust of wind will wake up the drunk. Autumn trees are strong. Sometimes the wind will become bare when it blows, but as long as it stands there, it will make people feel respectful The sky is high and the sky is low, and the buzz is everywhere. Sometimes the meaning of life is not in money and fame and fortune, but in the heart of a beautiful world. It is called "one flower, one world, one leaf and one bodhi". It may be here that I love autumn, love the bleakness of it, and love the wind of it! [2nd article] "Since the ancient times, the autumn is sorrowful, I say the autumn is better than the spring," this is Liu Yuxi's love for autumn, and Like him, I also have a soft spot for autumn. "August autumn, the wind is raging, and I am on the roof of the house." This is Du Fu's amazement for the autumn wind. Autumn wind, it does not have the heat brought by the summer wind, and the summer of Nanjing City Cheap Cigarettes, even if it is a wind, it is accompanied by a burst of heat; it is not like the winter wind, it is cold on the face, it is biting Pain; for the only spring breeze that can match it, the autumn wind gives people a sense of coolness and refreshment, and it is refreshing and refreshing. In life, although the autumn wind is not as good as "volume the three-legged Mao on my house," it is more than enough to blow away the heat of summer. "Parking is in love with Fenglin, and the frost is red in February." This is Du Mu's praise of autumn leaves (Maple). After a burst of autumn wind, the maple leaves of Qixia Mountain are slowly dyed red, and the endless maple trees extend to the horizon.
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